Top 10 Places You Wouldn’t Want to Miss in Qatar!

Top 10 Places You Wouldn’t Want to Miss in Qatar!

Your entire tour guide to explore Qatar’s major hot spots is right here. All you need to know about theTop 10 places that will mark Qatar’s impression on your mind forever. Embark with us on this journey and you’ll find that there’s more than what meet’s the eye in Qatar! 

 1. CORNICHE: The Bay that Never Sleeps to


Undoubtedly the most attractive Esplanade in Doha. Stretching up to 5-7km the Gulf was constructed carefully with cozy surroundings & strong architect. The tourist & visitors will have a splendid view of the bay displaying the high-rise skyscrapers, classical Sheraton, Museum of Islamic Art and dazzling surrounding. Corniche is a Go Green, free pedestrian-friendly street encouraging a healthy lifestyle with gym equipment at the midway of the bay and a long pathway for joggers and a perfect spot for picnic lovers.

The Bay looks at its best during Sunrise, Sunset & Night when the city is lighted up and mainly on Friday’s where you can experience Qatar’s diversity through visitors & families of various nationalities and cultures. Take a ride on the traditionally crafted & Lighted Dhows at the Bay offering an enthralling feel & visual eye treat. A stop at the traditional Halul coffee house is a Must if you want to enjoy coffee beside the shore. Resides next to the coffee shop is the Jetty which has an abundance of a Fresh catch from the sea, so you can grab a basket to shop at the fish market if you’re a seafood lover. Enjoy the best view of the Qatar’s cityscape from BANDAR, a popular destination for hangouts & photographs residing at the south end of the bay embarking the famous Pearl monument. Experience the thrill of the Sea by hiring a jet-ski ride accessible at Bandar. Corniche is a bay that never sleeps & will never disappoint. 


2. Souq Waqif: The Enchanted Alley

Souq Waqif is a century old Souq which was an inhabiting & a gathering place for the Bedouins and it is in 2006 that the government decided to restore and preserve this rich historical heritage and turn it into a time-traveling pathway that would embark the visitor back in time as they pass the alleys of the pre-historic Souq. Its alleys are Maze structured offering a vast variety of middle eastern merchandise shopping experience. Shops varying from spices to seasonal delicacies, from unique handicrafts to traditional clothing and jewelers. The ambiance is further enlightened by the cultural shows, theatrical events & traditional programs which also include folkloric performances & local concerts. The distinctive Pet store at the Souq is worth a visit where the pets are kept in open for visitor’s interaction. Dining at Souq will not disappoint you, cuisines from Mediterranean to local, Arabian to Indian will satisfy your appetite. Choose your spot & enjoy the food you look within the market. Coffee lounges with dazzling views will want you to stay for a while & enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll fall in love with Souq and would even want to stay over at Souq Waqif, and yes, it’s possible with 9 uniquely built traditional yet modernized boutique hotels within the souq premises. Staying over at Souq is indeed a perfect getaway.
Souq Waqif promises to offer visitors a nostalgic feel of an undisputed origin of Qatar’s traditional architecture and intensified culture.
3. Sealine (Mesaieed): Dose of Desert Thrill
The largest area of Qatar’s desert lies here in Sealine (Mesaieed). The Highly-elevated dunes here are a major attraction amongst the locals and tourists. The contrasts of Dunes alongside Sunsets and sunrises here gives a breathtaking landscape view which visitors look up to. Especially during nights with clear skies, It’s a visual treat for stargazers. Sealine is an attraction both for the visitors and a detailed desert safari. Want to experience the Adrenaline rush, then Sealine is the right place to satisfy your thrill. Dune bashing is the most popular sport here, get a 4×4 SUV or a Cruiser to bash through the dunes or contact local tours for exciting desert safari packages. Dune buggies are another attraction that’s popular amongst the young ones and can be enjoyed by all.
Sealine is Truly Adventurous and filled with thrill!
4. KATARA: Valley of Arabian Nights and Arabian Tales
Valley of Arabian Nights and Arabian Tales, A mystifying place where the aura of prehistoric Qatar meets the transforming present & future.
A name derived from what Qatar was once known as back in 18th century-Katara. Built with a vision of guarding the tradition of Qatar & becoming a medium of interpreting ancient Qatari civilizations to the World. A peaceful diverse atmosphere uniting locals & expats of various cultures to emerge as one and promote humanity and enjoy the numerous multi-cultural activities. Families gather to enjoy the informative and enthralling acts of Qatar’s rich folk heritage, artistic exhibitions & fan favorite concerts. Social activities for kids & family alongside the accessible beach esplanade is one of the main attraction with games like sailing, water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, knee boarding, wakeboarding, boat rides, banana rides, fishing trips and more.
A place dedicated to All & especially for the aspiring talents, artists, scholars & students blending with informative organizations like Qatari Society for Engineers, Qatar Fine Arts Society, Visual Art Centre, Qatar Photographic Society, Childhood Cultural Centre, Theatre Society and Qatar Music Academy that help in promoting, building and spreading awareness about the Qatari society.
Home to Doha Film Institute(DFI) an organization that’s dedicated to building a dynamic film industry & nurture the regional talent in filmmaking. DFI has brought to you the likes of extravagant movie festivals with the editions of Doha Tribeca Film Festival and now Ajyal Youth Film Festival. A yearly round festival which goes on for a week inviting the huge names of regional and international celebrities is a huge buzz in the region.
The Amphitheatre is a must-see classical beauty designed with the fusion of Greek and Islamic architecture. Surrounded by seating to accommodate 5000 persons and a center stage built to host world’s top-notch Events.
Katara also has a wide variety of elite and exclusive restaurants offering delightful cuisines from around the globe, Armenia, Italian, Parisian, Turkish, Indian to name a few. These restaurants have an exquisite ambiance and offer a dining experience like never before.
A place redefining the contrast of Ancient folkloric heritage blended with modern day innovative Qatar.
5. Museums: Unwinding History

Qatar museum’s vision is to preserve, develop & promote the heritage, culture, and tradition of Qatar and project its greatness to the present generation and pass on its legacy to the future frontiers.

  • MATHAF – Arab Museum of Modern Art
  • Garage Gallery, Fire Station
  • QM Gallery, Al-Riwaq
  • QM Gallery katara
  • National Museum of Qatar
  • Orientalist Museum
  • 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum


To name a few. Detailed Blog Will Be Live Soon, Stay Tuned! 

6. The Pearl – Qatar, The Arabian Riviera

An artificial Island that stretches up to 4 million sqm is Qatar’s first freehold residential for foreign nationals. Designed and engineered to be an everlasting icon in Qatar. The Pearl offers luxurious living that includes all the amenities and lifestyle privileges any resident or guest could ask for. The Pearl offers apartments, villas, townhouses, diverse leisure and entertainment facilities, award-winning marinas and beautiful soothing beaches.Add to top it all the intimidating selection of renowned restaurants and high-end shopping outlets from luxury fashion brands, as well as a variety of culinary offerings from around the world to satisfy your taste.The Pearl-Qatar is indeed a masterpiece of private and modern living. An extravagant place that defines the elegant standard of living.


7. Beaches – The Shores Of Memories

There’s one place we all want to head to with summer’s around the corner, Beaches! To relax and unwind at the shore, take a dip in the sea and make the most of the weather before the heat hits. Qatar has the right weekend spots for these occasions. It’s even better if you have a 4×4 SUV, to go further and explore these beaches. We’ve lined up a few of the most visited beaches:

  • Khor al  Udaid ( Inland Sea )
  • Fuwairit Beach
  • Maroona Beach
  • Wakra Beach
  • Al- Dhakirah Beach
  • Katara Beach

To name a few. Detailed Blog Will Be Live Soon, Stay Tuned!

8. Aqua Park – Water Theme Park:

Often think how to enjoy outings in summers?. Well, Doha maybe really hot in summer, but that doesn’t stop it from making it a Happening place. Now is the right time to head over to Aqua Park, A massive water-based theme park, that promises to offer unlimited Joy. Exciting and awesome rides and activities are lined up which are completely safe to get on under the high supervision of security & top notch water safety precautions. There is CPR and first aid-certified lifeguards and security staff everywhere so you need not worry. Facilities like the locker room, restrooms, cafeterias, and much more are provided within the park premises.

A perfect place to cool off with your friends and family and beat the heat under have fun under the sun!


9. Imam Abdul Wahhab Masjid – State Grand Mosque:

A grand extravagant mosque built by preserving gulf’s traditional past and the modernized architect is a wondrous site to visit. One of the most beautiful mosques in the world is named after the great reformist, pioneer and Muslim theologian of the 18th century – Imam Abdul Wahhab. Besides its enormous size & mesmerizing beauty, It’s famous for its terrific location, which provides a lovely backdrop of Doha’s skyline makes this mosque one of the top tourist destination of the Country. The picture-perfect beauty of the city’s skyline during sunset from this site is a must-capture moment for the tourists. The modern architecture has made this mosque immensely huge yet elegant from the outer side and stunningly beautiful from inside keeping in mind the simplicity of the sacred place. Entering the halls of this monumental structure of worship brings an uplifting feeling of spiritual calmness. You are welcome to enter inside the mosque even if you’re not a Muslim bearing in mind the complete clothing etiquette and peaceful intentions.


10. Parks, Rejuvenate peace:

If you’re in town and looking for excellent picnic spots, Qatar has well-maintained parks lined up for you. These parks are completely eco-friendly with guards for the safety and basic facilities. 

  • Museum of Islamic Art Park (MIA Park)
  • Aspire Park
  • Dahl-al-Hammam
  • Sheraton Park
  • Al-Bidaa Park

To name a few. Detailed Blog Will Be Live Soon, Stay Tuned!

There’s more than what meet’s the Eye

Qatar is much more happening than you thought most people might not agree, but try exploring it with us and you’ll see that there’s more than what meets the Eye. There’s a lot of hidden spots in Doha, places you probably don’t know about.

Stay tuned for Exciting and informative new blogs coming up that will surely surprise you.

– Ismail Khan (SME)

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