Mall Update – June | July


It gives us immense pleasure to announce that our mall has reached to its final phase of completion. Tawar Mall strives to provide the best services & facilities. Our dedication towards achieving our goals is inevitable. To support our statement we’ve lined up certain updates regarding the status and progress of the Mall. The details are as follows:


The Entrance of the mall was lighted up on the occasion of Suhoor event and also portrayed on how it will look like on the opening eve. It has been impressively worked out on with finesse to make it look grand and elegant leaving the best impression on the visitor’s mind. The Vibrant colors and the lighting of the Grand Hall made it look outstanding and beautifully welcoming from the outside. It highly attracts the on goers.


The Food court hallway looks stunning and tidy from the overview. Floors have been cleared off and kept clean throughout. The projection is making the hall look bright and lively. It’s strongly showcasing the high standard of the Mall. It will feature some quality restaurants and famous franchises.


Escalators are all well functioning and were put to test during the suhoor event and gave a positive outcome. Guest found it easily accessible from any floor. They all lead to places where you need to be so that the visitors don’t feel it’s complicated to get somewhere.

Architecture at its best with vibrant exposure and beautiful corridor passages. Efforts are been put on to complete the final touches and be ready in time for the opening. The pathways of the mall are highly vibrant in exposure and having simple yet beautiful passage. It will make you feel elegant.


Fine dining was all set and ready to offer a unique dining experience and it stood up to its features during the recent suhoor event where guests had gathered for a feast. It featured a panoramic view of the city alongside dinner setup where guests relaxed, dine and enjoyed the city lights from the wide facade.


Old souq is undoubtedly one of the best features of the mall and a whole new concept brought for the first time in any Mall in the Region. It’s a first Indoor traditional Souq for any mall in the region which will highlight local traditions through a varied range of small shops built to showcase a real souq. It’s all set to mesmerize the guests and visitors.


The sky view amphitheater looks stunningly graceful. Visitors will witness a sky view and an elegant waterfall from this spot. Cafes surrounding the amphitheater and live performances will provide a perfect lounging experience. It’s lighted up with highly beautiful in contrast installed LED lights which make the overview a standout feature.

“ Tawar Mall solely relies on dedication and commitment and with both, we’ve achieved the success of our first internal event. As we progress strongly, we strive to achieve more in near future. We have showcased a phase of what Tawar Mall looks like. There are other surprise elements yet to be unveiled and we are coming soon as the Mall is nearing its final stage of completion. “