Improvised Look, Improved Vision

Improvised Look, Improved Vision

The Tawar Mall Logo is comprised of a combination of traditional and calligraphic art. Since Tawar Mall is a gift of luxury to its visitors, the decorative ribbon symbolizes it’s Genuity.

Through its sublime elegance, it promises more than just a pleasurable shopping experience.

The colors used in the Tawar Mall logo have their distinctive features. The color gold, which is the symbolic color for premium quality and exclusivity and Green, the color of life, nature, and is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, and safety. The mall concept has been derived from the characteristics of these two colors featured in the architectural concept of TAWAR MALL. This concept was further blended with the idea of an Oasis that replicates the image of desert & palm trees and hence the golden color derived from the wide spread magnificent sand and the green color from the enriching palm trees.

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